Tuesday 28th Jul 2015

Since I started using max I’ve always found procedural maps to be powerful but frustrating to edit. This is mostly due to the way the material sample is related to the actual scene scale, something that I thought was set … Read More

Wednesday 2nd Apr 2014

Whilst looking at methods to create trees and leaves I needed to swap out a single mesh for a number of new meshes to create more variation. I put together a very simple Maxscript to help me do this and … Read More

Wednesday 2nd Apr 2014


I worked up a process for creating trees in 3DS Max and Mudbox for a class I’ve been teaching recently. I decided to put it all together as an online tutorial. I still think the leaves and greenery needs work, … Read More

Tuesday 11th Feb 2014

I’m currently doing some teaching on the NFTS Games Design course. I’ve been collecting together some resources that would be helpful to students starting out the learn 3DS Max.

These links are a great start:

100 3DS Max tips – … Read More