Wednesday 2nd Apr 2014

Whilst looking at methods to create trees and leaves I needed to swap out a single mesh for a number of new meshes to create more variation. I put together a very simple Maxscript to help me do this and … Read More

Tuesday 8th May 2012

This animation is shot entirely in-camera, the figure having been animated in 3DS Max and then plotted by custom built 3D light painting system.

Read more about the project.… Read More

Tuesday 25th Oct 2011

We’ve set up a studio blog on the Nexus site, we’ll be putting up behind the scenes articles and whatever else takes our fancy.

Currently there’s a Maxscript I wrote for Jim LeFevre‘s ‘Holy Flying Circus’ title sequence.

http://www.nexusproductions.com/studioblog/Read More

Wednesday 25th Apr 2007

Zdepth example

This is a Maxscript for creating a pseudo Zdepth pass. I don’t generally use embedded zdepths in RLA or RPF frames as they can be very slow. Many jobs at Nexus make use of images on planes so swapping materials … Read More