Wednesday 25th Jun 2014

A new showreel ! .. I’m available for work from July 2014 onwards.… Read More

Tuesday 24th Sep 2013


Phidgets are holding a competition to win $1000 worth of credit in their store. This equals a ton of Phidgets boards !

I’ve entered Lightplot and I’d be most grateful if you could vote for me by ‘liking’ this post Read More

Sunday 22nd Sep 2013


There’s a couple of faces missing but this is the team at Prime Focus Khar studio.

Unfortunately after 18 months it’s time to return from India back to the UK. Whilst it was no small challenge acclimatising to the pace … Read More

Wednesday 8th Aug 2012

Our shipping having finally arrived in India I’ll be packing up the lightplot rig and taking it to Anifest 2012 in Mumbai on Friday 24th August. I’m really looking forward to presenting the project so far to an audience.

If … Read More

Tuesday 8th May 2012

This animation is shot entirely in-camera, the figure having been animated in 3DS Max and then plotted by custom built 3D light painting system.

Read more about the project.… Read More

Wednesday 25th Apr 2012

I’ve been uploading videos to my vimeo page, this just went up today. Read about how it was made.… Read More

Sunday 22nd Apr 2012

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Wednesday 30th Jun 2010

As well as showing off your skills, showreels can be a useful personal marker for projects completed and time passing. I haven’t produced a showreel for 5 years and so I thought I’d put together a quick reel showing what … Read More

Thursday 6th Sep 2007

My recent mucking about with stop motion meant I got the chance to make this little spoof Behind the Scenes documentary to go with Pic Pic Andre’s amazing Cravendale commercials.

It’s also online at the Cravendale site.

And on You Read More

Friday 3rd Aug 2007

This is a promo for a documentary about Steve Fossett’s nonstop journey around the world in his Global Flyer. After a year and a half working on some very unrewarding projects at Condor Post in London this project came as … Read More

Saturday 9th Jun 2007

On 5th June 2007 I decided to record a typical day in work. I used two Canon Ixus cameras to take a shot every couple of minutes and then edited the whole thing down using AfterEffects.

I was working on … Read More

Monday 16th Apr 2007

This is old news, but I’m moving some work to the blog so here it is again.

I animated this for The Schla la las using Lego.

I wrote a little piece on how it was made, which you can … Read More