Tuesday 29th Sep 2015

The project that I was working on at Nexus Productions earlier this year has finally been released. No Vimeo link yet unfortunately but there’s so much in there it’s worth choosing 1080p on the YouTube link.

I led the animatic … Read More

Monday 28th Sep 2015

Nexus just posted a making of video for the Coke Buildings commercial.… Read More

Wednesday 28th May 2014

Very happy to be able to share this – it was an absolute joy to work on.

I was the CG / VFX Supervisor – starting out by blocking the animatic with the directors. I then worked with the model … Read More

Tuesday 6th Mar 2012

A new project from Nexus, for Tropicana. I was the CG Supervisor working with the incredibly talented Fx & Mat. Very proud to have worked on this one .. it was a lot of fun.

You can watch the video … Read More

Thursday 26th Jan 2012

There’s a look back at 2011 over at the Nexus Studio Blog.… Read More

Tuesday 25th Oct 2011

We’ve set up a studio blog on the Nexus site, we’ll be putting up behind the scenes articles and whatever else takes our fancy.

Currently there’s a Maxscript I wrote for Jim LeFevre‘s ‘Holy Flying Circus’ title sequence.

http://www.nexusproductions.com/studioblog/Read More

Sunday 6th Feb 2011

Another recently completed Nexus project. Also directed by Smith & Foulkes (busy boys !). I was the CG Supervisor.… Read More

Sunday 6th Feb 2011

Recently completed project at Nexus Productions. Directed by Smith & Foulkes. I was CG / VFX Supervisor.… Read More


Thursday 14th Jan 2010

I recently finished work on the second of two commercials for HP at Nexus. You can see the first (called Google Maps) here.

Directed by Smith and Foulkes, 3D at Nexus Productions and compositing at TBA.… Read More

Sunday 7th Jun 2009

Earlier this year I worked with Joji (Woof Wan Bau) planning and supervising the shoot for this commercial. It was a lot of fun, if a little noisy. Photographs from the shoot are here.… Read More

Friday 27th Mar 2009

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Tuesday 24th Mar 2009


Last year I travelled to Buenos Aires with Nexus to supervise the Coke Avatar shoot. Here’s some photographs.… Read More

Thursday 22nd Jan 2009

Congratulations to Smith & Foulkes plus all the crew who worked so hard on This Way Up. It’s been nominated for an Oscar!.

Here’s the results page.… Read More

Monday 21st Jul 2008


A few months back Nexus finished work on a Coke commercial for the Olympic games, directed by Smith and Foulkes. This is a stupendiously packed 30 second spot featuring basketball players Lebron James and Yao Ming.

The spot was produced … Read More

Thursday 6th Sep 2007

My recent mucking about with stop motion meant I got the chance to make this little spoof Behind the Scenes documentary to go with Pic Pic Andre’s amazing Cravendale commercials.

It’s also online at the Cravendale site.

And on You Read More

Monday 2nd Jul 2007

Platform still

I recently finished work on the Platform Festival opener with Smith & Foulkes at Nexus.
Lots of fun scrabbling about in the muck playing with boxes.

The video is here


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