Saturday 17th Aug 2013


For nearly 27 years I’ve owned a PC that ran under a Microsoft OS. Starting in 1987 with an Amstrad 1512 through to a more recent love affair with IBM Thinkpads.

But as the time came around to buy a … Read More

Tuesday 1st Feb 2011

All sorts of exciting things happened in 2010, most importantly I got married and then in December went on an amazing victory lap Honeymoon around Asia.

Our good friend Mr Phill is a fantastically talented photographer and we were incredibly … Read More

Tuesday 12th May 2009


I’ve decided to move my photography pages over to a photoblog system. It’s taken quite a while to set up but it’s online here.

I’ve uploaded new sets of photographs from my trip to India.

As well as … Read More

Saturday 5th Jul 2008

Where are you Andrew Holdsworth ?.

Andrew Holdsworth

It’s a question everyone’s asking.

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Monday 9th Jul 2007

Louis Tussuads

My post on Nothing To See Here about Louis Tussuads terrifying House of Wax in Great Yarmouth. Check out the rest of the site by the way, there’s some great stuff on there.… Read More

Saturday 19th May 2007

All Tomorrow’s Parties 2007
A weekend at Butlins with Nick Cave. Documented via polaroid.… Read More