Saturday 26th Apr 2014

I recently wrote about using the DSLR Controller app to control my DSLR Camera for photography and HDR capture. A setup that is working out brilliantly, so well in fact that I wanted a way to mount my phone … Read More

Saturday 19th Apr 2014

Capturing HDR lighting spheres onset means being as quick and accurate as possible.

In the past I’ve used a shutter release cable and then adjusting the shutter speed by hand – which works ok – but you’re in danger of … Read More

Thursday 10th Apr 2014

Nodal Ninja mount

A recent project required a miniatures shoot. There were going to be CG elements integrated into the backgrounds and so I needed to capture lighting information.

The usual technique of using a Nodal Ninja mounted on a tripod wouldn’t work … Read More

Sunday 22nd Sep 2013


A major part of my site redesign rested on getting all of my photographs online. I took nearly 1,000 images from my flickr account and 300 from my old photoblog and brought them together in a new shiny home. This … Read More

Tuesday 8th May 2012

This animation is shot entirely in-camera, the figure having been animated in 3DS Max and then plotted by custom built 3D light painting system.

Read more about the project.… Read More

Monday 21st Mar 2011

Some images from my collection of photographs from 2003-2009 which I’ve recently uploaded to Flickr.

A few more of my favourites.… Read More

Sunday 20th Mar 2011

Based on the recommendations of a couple of friends, I’ve recently bought an Apple TV.

Like many gadgets Apple TV promises to both help me organise and reconnect with all my media, surely the dream of all geeks. I was … Read More

Tuesday 1st Feb 2011

I have put two new sets up on my photoblog.

Firstly a set of photographs from our Honeymoon in China, Singapore and Japan.


Secondly a general round up of 2010.

edinburghRead More

Tuesday 1st Feb 2011

All sorts of exciting things happened in 2010, most importantly I got married and then in December went on an amazing victory lap Honeymoon around Asia.

Our good friend Mr Phill is a fantastically talented photographer and we were incredibly … Read More

Monday 18th Jan 2010

Photoblog updated with a few photographs from the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany.… Read More

Tuesday 12th May 2009


I’ve decided to move my photography pages over to a photoblog system. It’s taken quite a while to set up but it’s online here.

I’ve uploaded new sets of photographs from my trip to India.

As well as … Read More

Tuesday 24th Mar 2009


Last year I travelled to Buenos Aires with Nexus to supervise the Coke Avatar shoot. Here’s some photographs.… Read More

Monday 2nd Feb 2009

I’ve decided to experiment using Flickr for more day to day photographs. I’ll still be putting monthly updates on this site. Check out my Flickr photographs here.… Read More

Saturday 27th Dec 2008

Finally a bunch of shots from a trip to New York.… Read More

Saturday 27th Dec 2008

These are from a stroll along Sunset Strip in LA.… Read More

Saturday 27th Dec 2008

This is a roundup of various photographs from the End of 2008. They’re from Rochester, Bournemouth, The Lady Lever Art Gallery and the a few depicting the sad death of Woolies.… Read More

Saturday 27th Dec 2008

I went to Buenos Aires in September, I watched a man blow dry a dog. See this and more photographs here.… Read More

Tuesday 19th Aug 2008

I’ve updated my photographs again. I’ve fallen behind on the monthly updates this year so I’ve grouped them together a little randomly. There’s some photographs from the Coke Shoot in Cleveland, a trip to Bruges and a whole lot … Read More

Saturday 5th Jul 2008

Goodbye Keats House

Sorry no posts for a while. I’ll put some new Nexus work up here in a few weeks.

In the mean time there’s always a few new photographs to check out. Isabel and I moved out of our much loved … Read More

Monday 12th Nov 2007

I’ve been to Japan. It was brilliant. Here’s some photographs of what I saw.

Read More

Monday 9th Jul 2007

Louis Tussuads

My post on Nothing To See Here about Louis Tussuads terrifying House of Wax in Great Yarmouth. Check out the rest of the site by the way, there’s some great stuff on there.… Read More

Monday 2nd Jul 2007

June 2007

A couple of trips to the seaside during the wettest June on record is just the ticket.

I’ll post a link to my write up of the fantastic Louis Tussuads once Anne posts it on Nothing To See Here. … Read More

Saturday 9th Jun 2007

On 5th June 2007 I decided to record a typical day in work. I used two Canon Ixus cameras to take a shot every couple of minutes and then edited the whole thing down using AfterEffects.

I was working on … Read More

Saturday 19th May 2007

Some kindly soul working on the Absolut Lomo campaign sent me a Holga to play with. So far I’ve had mixed results and the flash broke after about 5 minutes, but I’ve put a few of the better shots up … Read More