Sunday 15th Sep 2013

Welcome to my new home on the web. After 13 years at rethinkfx.com I’ve shifted over to bct.me and had a bit of a spruce up while I’m at it. Hopefully all the content from rethinkfx has been moved over … Read More

Tuesday 27th Mar 2012

In August 2005 I joined Nexus Productions, and now after seven amazing years it’s time to start a new adventure.

Next week I’ll be joining Prime Focus as a VFX Supervisor, and in month or so we’re moving to Mumbai … Read More

Monday 21st Mar 2011

Some images from my collection of photographs from 2003-2009 which I’ve recently uploaded to Flickr.

A few more of my favourites.… Read More

Sunday 20th Mar 2011

Based on the recommendations of a couple of friends, I’ve recently bought an Apple TV.

Like many gadgets Apple TV promises to both help me organise and reconnect with all my media, surely the dream of all geeks. I was … Read More

Sunday 27th Feb 2011

I’ve joined Twitter, you can follow me here : BenCowellThomas.… Read More

Tuesday 1st Feb 2011

I have put two new sets up on my photoblog.

Firstly a set of photographs from our Honeymoon in China, Singapore and Japan.


Secondly a general round up of 2010.

edinburghRead More

Wednesday 30th Jun 2010

As well as showing off your skills, showreels can be a useful personal marker for projects completed and time passing. I haven’t produced a showreel for 5 years and so I thought I’d put together a quick reel showing what … Read More

Sunday 7th Jun 2009

I’ve written up a tutorial on VFX supervision. It’s very much a work in progress, but I thought I’d post it up now and add to it over the next few months. You can read it here.… Read More

Tuesday 12th May 2009


I’ve decided to move my photography pages over to a photoblog system. It’s taken quite a while to set up but it’s online here.

I’ve uploaded new sets of photographs from my trip to India.

As well as … Read More

Monday 16th Mar 2009

This site has been down for a few weeks whilst I changed hosts. I’ve moved over to Positive Internet.

Everything should be back up and working now.… Read More

Saturday 5th Jul 2008

Goodbye Keats House

Sorry no posts for a while. I’ll put some new Nexus work up here in a few weeks.

In the mean time there’s always a few new photographs to check out. Isabel and I moved out of our much loved … Read More

Monday 16th Apr 2007

Apart from my photography I’ve not been updating this site for years, and it’s as out of date as my hairstyle.

So In an effort to kick rethinkfx into the science fiction present of wooden coffee stirrers, chocolate Hobnobs, and … Read More