Friday 17th May 2002

Japanese music video produced at Ambience Entertainment for PICS in Japan

I was involved in initial meetings with the client where we talked about the style they wanted to achieve and were interested in our ideas and thoughts about style. Once Ambience had won the work I previsualised the whole clip with the director, and then oversaw the production from start to finish as Animation Director.

crimson_labyrinth_00001 crimson_labyrinth_00002 crimson_labyrinth_00003 crimson_labyrinth_00004 crimson_labyrinth_00005 crimson_labyrinth_00006 crimson_labyrinth_00007 crimson_labyrinth_00008 crimson_labyrinth_00009 crimson_labyrinth_00010 crimson_labyrinth_00011 crimson_labyrinth_00012I also animated the opening sequence and worked on background textures and modelling.