Saturday 17th Aug 2013


For nearly 27 years I’ve owned a PC that ran under a Microsoft OS. Starting in 1987 with an Amstrad 1512 through to a more recent love affair with IBM Thinkpads.

But as the time came around to buy a new laptop I thought it’d be a good excuse for a change. One slightly awkward indoctrination session at the Apple store later and I was the slightly smug owner of a Macbook Air.

I’ve been doing a lot more coding recently and so my first steps were to try to get Eclipse, Python and PyQT up and running. So far PyQT has eluded me as this needs compiling against my version of OSX and Maya, which is proving to have a steep learning curve.

Everything involving the UI has been lovely .. all the arguments really are true. However the complex terminal commands required to build open source libraries are requiring constant googling and hair pulling.

I think the most disorientating aspect is realising that I have no understanding of the implications of each action I make. Especially diving into Macports for building packages I’ve realised that you could very quickly make a huge mess of your machine, installing libraries and Frameworks all over and having no idea where they are.

I’m sure this disorientated feeling will pass .. but I didn’t realise quite how dependent I was on my familiarity with Windows.