Sunday 20th Mar 2011

Based on the recommendations of a couple of friends, I’ve recently bought an Apple TV.

Like many gadgets Apple TV promises to both help me organise and reconnect with all my media, surely the dream of all geeks. I was doubtful at first but all this interconnected Apple stuff works really well, sending movies, music and playlists to the TV is fantastic. The real revelation has been the integration of Flickr and Apple TV, you can point it at your Flickr stream and use that as a screen saver. Suddenly all my long forgotten photographs are scrolling by on the television whilst we listen to music.

This inspired me to upload the entire contents of my old photoblog to Flickr, these photographs have been languishing in a dusty corner of this site since I rewrote the back end using PHP a few years ago. My motivation was to get them onto the TV in my living-room, and a by product is that they’ve ended up on the web .. I love how irrationally gadgets make us (me) behave.

You can find the photographs here.