Wednesday 7th Aug 2013

I’m a highly experienced freelance CG & VFX Artist. In the Commercials world I’ve led many award winning projects; both as an onset VFX Supervisor and as CG Supervisor. I’ve been lucky to work around the world, and I have lived and worked in Singapore, Australia and India.

I’m now branching out into Film VFX and am currently at Double Negative as a 3D Generalist.

I enjoy creative and technical problem solving, building departments, leading teams of artists and experimenting with almost every form of creative media. I’m very fortunate to have merged my career and hobbies, so this site is a mix of my professional and personal work.

I’m very passionate about VFX education and serve as a consultant to Creative Skillset. When time permits I enjoy teaching and have delivered lectures and presentations at FMX, The National Film and Television School, Hertfordshire University, Bournemouth University and Brunel University.

Software Skills: Maya, 3ds Max, Clarisse, V-Ray, Octane, Mari, Mudbox, ZBrush, UV Layout, Photoshop, Nuke, Nuke Studio, After Effects and Unity.
Programming Languages: C#, Python, PyQT, MAXScript, HTML and PHP.

Other than CG I also enjoy experimenting with electronics and photography. Most recently this resulted in a light painting robot called Lightplot, you can read about this project here.

My Linkedin profile, IMDB and Zerply page have my complete CV.

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