Monday 12th Nov 2007

I’ve been to Japan. It was brilliant. Here’s some photographs of what I saw.

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Thursday 6th Sep 2007

My recent mucking about with stop motion meant I got the chance to make this little spoof Behind the Scenes documentary to go with Pic Pic Andre’s amazing Cravendale commercials.

It’s also online at the Cravendale site.

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Friday 3rd Aug 2007

This is a promo for a documentary about Steve Fossett’s nonstop journey around the world in his Global Flyer. After a year and a half working on some very unrewarding projects at Condor Post in London this project came as … Read More

Monday 9th Jul 2007

Louis Tussuads

My post on Nothing To See Here about Louis Tussuads terrifying House of Wax in Great Yarmouth. Check out the rest of the site by the way, there’s some great stuff on there.… Read More

Monday 2nd Jul 2007

Platform still

I recently finished work on the Platform Festival opener with Smith & Foulkes at Nexus.
Lots of fun scrabbling about in the muck playing with boxes.

The video is here


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Monday 2nd Jul 2007

June 2007

A couple of trips to the seaside during the wettest June on record is just the ticket.

I’ll post a link to my write up of the fantastic Louis Tussuads once Anne posts it on Nothing To See Here. … Read More

Saturday 9th Jun 2007

On 5th June 2007 I decided to record a typical day in work. I used two Canon Ixus cameras to take a shot every couple of minutes and then edited the whole thing down using AfterEffects.

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Saturday 19th May 2007

Some kindly soul working on the Absolut Lomo campaign sent me a Holga to play with. So far I’ve had mixed results and the flash broke after about 5 minutes, but I’ve put a few of the better shots up … Read More

Saturday 19th May 2007

All Tomorrow’s Parties 2007
A weekend at Butlins with Nick Cave. Documented via polaroid.… Read More

Wednesday 25th Apr 2007

Zdepth example

This is a Maxscript for creating a pseudo Zdepth pass. I don’t generally use embedded zdepths in RLA or RPF frames as they can be very slow. Many jobs at Nexus make use of images on planes so swapping materials … Read More

Monday 16th Apr 2007

This is old news, but I’m moving some work to the blog so here it is again.

I animated this for The Schla la las using Lego.

I wrote a little piece on how it was made, which you can … Read More

Monday 16th Apr 2007

Apart from my photography I’ve not been updating this site for years, and it’s as out of date as my hairstyle.

So In an effort to kick rethinkfx into the science fiction present of wooden coffee stirrers, chocolate Hobnobs, and … Read More