Saturday 27th Dec 2008

Finally a bunch of shots from a trip to New York.… Read More

Saturday 27th Dec 2008

These are from a stroll along Sunset Strip in LA.… Read More

Saturday 27th Dec 2008

This is a roundup of various photographs from the End of 2008. They’re from Rochester, Bournemouth, The Lady Lever Art Gallery and the a few depicting the sad death of Woolies.… Read More

Saturday 27th Dec 2008

I went to Buenos Aires in September, I watched a man blow dry a dog. See this and more photographs here.… Read More

Tuesday 19th Aug 2008

I’ve updated my photographs again. I’ve fallen behind on the monthly updates this year so I’ve grouped them together a little randomly. There’s some photographs from the Coke Shoot in Cleveland, a trip to Bruges and a whole lot … Read More

Monday 21st Jul 2008


A few months back Nexus finished work on a Coke commercial for the Olympic games, directed by Smith and Foulkes. This is a stupendiously packed 30 second spot featuring basketball players Lebron James and Yao Ming.

The spot was produced … Read More

Saturday 5th Jul 2008

Goodbye Keats House

Sorry no posts for a while. I’ll put some new Nexus work up here in a few weeks.

In the mean time there’s always a few new photographs to check out. Isabel and I moved out of our much loved … Read More

Saturday 5th Jul 2008

Where are you Andrew Holdsworth ?.

Andrew Holdsworth

It’s a question everyone’s asking.

Join the facebook group.… Read More