Sunday 7th Jun 2009

Earlier this year I worked with Joji (Woof Wan Bau) planning and supervising the shoot for this commercial. It was a lot of fun, if a little noisy. Photographs from the shoot are here.… Read More

Sunday 7th Jun 2009

I’ve written up a tutorial on VFX supervision. It’s very much a work in progress, but I thought I’d post it up now and add to it over the next few months. You can read it here.… Read More

Tuesday 12th May 2009


I’ve decided to move my photography pages over to a photoblog system. It’s taken quite a while to set up but it’s online here.

I’ve uploaded new sets of photographs from my trip to India.

As well as … Read More

Friday 27th Mar 2009

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Tuesday 24th Mar 2009


Last year I travelled to Buenos Aires with Nexus to supervise the Coke Avatar shoot. Here’s some photographs.… Read More

Monday 16th Mar 2009

This site has been down for a few weeks whilst I changed hosts. I’ve moved over to Positive Internet.

Everything should be back up and working now.… Read More

Monday 2nd Feb 2009

I’ve decided to experiment using Flickr for more day to day photographs. I’ll still be putting monthly updates on this site. Check out my Flickr photographs here.… Read More

Thursday 22nd Jan 2009

Congratulations to Smith & Foulkes plus all the crew who worked so hard on This Way Up. It’s been nominated for an Oscar!.

Here’s the results page.… Read More