Tuesday 25th Oct 2011

We’ve set up a studio blog on the Nexus site, we’ll be putting up behind the scenes articles and whatever else takes our fancy.

Currently there’s a Maxscript I wrote for Jim LeFevre‘s ‘Holy Flying Circus’ title sequence.

http://www.nexusproductions.com/studioblog/Read More

Monday 21st Mar 2011

Some images from my collection of photographs from 2003-2009 which I’ve recently uploaded to Flickr.

A few more of my favourites.… Read More

Sunday 20th Mar 2011

Based on the recommendations of a couple of friends, I’ve recently bought an Apple TV.

Like many gadgets Apple TV promises to both help me organise and reconnect with all my media, surely the dream of all geeks. I was … Read More

Sunday 27th Feb 2011

I’ve joined Twitter, you can follow me here : BenCowellThomas.… Read More

Sunday 6th Feb 2011

Another recently completed Nexus project. Also directed by Smith & Foulkes (busy boys !). I was the CG Supervisor.… Read More

Sunday 6th Feb 2011

Recently completed project at Nexus Productions. Directed by Smith & Foulkes. I was CG / VFX Supervisor.… Read More

Tuesday 1st Feb 2011

I have put two new sets up on my photoblog.

Firstly a set of photographs from our Honeymoon in China, Singapore and Japan.


Secondly a general round up of 2010.

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Tuesday 1st Feb 2011

All sorts of exciting things happened in 2010, most importantly I got married and then in December went on an amazing victory lap Honeymoon around Asia.

Our good friend Mr Phill is a fantastically talented photographer and we were incredibly … Read More