Tuesday 29th Sep 2015

The project that I was working on at Nexus Productions earlier this year has finally been released. No Vimeo link yet unfortunately but there’s so much in there it’s worth choosing 1080p on the YouTube link.

I led the animatic … Read More

Monday 28th Sep 2015

Nexus just posted a making of video for the Coke Buildings commercial.… Read More

Friday 31st Jul 2015

Years ago I got into the habit of listening to The World Service or Radio 4 while I fell asleep. Twenty years later I find I can’t sleep without listening to something, these days usually incredibly dull technology podcasts that … Read More

Tuesday 28th Jul 2015

Since I started using max I’ve always found procedural maps to be powerful but frustrating to edit. This is mostly due to the way the material sample is related to the actual scene scale, something that I thought was set … Read More