Monday 26th Feb 2018

I’m currently working on this project at Double Negative Mumbai.

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Tuesday 23rd May 2017

My second fairly brief project at Double Negative. This time on modelling duties.… Read More

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

My first project working at Double Negative, I was a lighting artist and generalist. Focusing on a sequence after Kirk, Chekov and Kalara return to the crashed Enterprise saucer section on Altamid.

As well as lighting a number of shots … Read More

Wednesday 19th Apr 2017

New Justice League Trailer and teaser are up. This is what I’ve been up to this past 8 months.

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Saturday 23rd Jul 2016

starTrekPosterAfter 15 years working in commercials I’ve embarked on a new adventure in the world of film visual effects. My first gig has been as at Double Negative working as a Generalist / Lighting Artist on Star Trek Beyond.… Read More

Tuesday 3rd May 2016


Teaming up with Nexus’s Smith and Foulkes once again I supervised the shoot for this 60sec Commercial advertising  Slack online project management software. Along with the usual HDR and data capture I also conformed, graded and exported the shots back … Read More

Saturday 24th Oct 2015


The project that I was working on at Nexus Productions earlier this year has finally been released.

I led the animatic and then supervised a stills and LIDAR shoot in Vancouver. Then along with Dave Walker led the over all … Read More

Wednesday 28th May 2014

Miniature scale sets with CG Characters.

In October 2013 I returned to my friends at Nexus Productions as a freelance lead for this project. I started out by developing the animatic with directors Smith and Foulkes, whilst working alongside Art … Read More

Wednesday 28th May 2014

Very happy to be able to share this – it was an absolute joy to work on.

I was the CG / VFX Supervisor – starting out by blocking the animatic with the directors. I then worked with the model … Read More

Saturday 26th Apr 2014

I recently wrote about using the DSLR Controller app to control my DSLR Camera for photography and HDR capture. A setup that is working out brilliantly, so well in fact that I wanted a way to mount my phone … Read More

Tuesday 22nd Apr 2014

After years of dragging VFX equipment around in various backpacks and suitcases I’ve invested in a Pelicase. It doesn’t matter how old you are, the box is still always the most enthralling aspect of any toy.

VFX kit 01

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Saturday 19th Apr 2014

Capturing HDR lighting spheres onset means being as quick and accurate as possible.

In the past I’ve used a shutter release cable and then adjusting the shutter speed by hand – which works ok – but you’re in danger of … Read More

Wednesday 16th Apr 2014

2018 UPDATE – This article is almost 4 years old. I’m currently working on a vastly more detailed and comprehensive VFX Supervision Online learning course. I’d love to share it with you when I launch in a few months. Join … Read More

Thursday 10th Apr 2014

Nodal Ninja mount

A recent project required a miniatures shoot. There were going to be CG elements integrated into the backgrounds and so I needed to capture lighting information.

The usual technique of using a Nodal Ninja mounted on a tripod wouldn’t work … Read More

Saturday 5th Apr 2014

Finished tracking markers

Happiness is borne of accepting your frailties. One of my weaknesses is an obsession with being prepared with the right tools for the job.

In this spirit I’ve been updating my VFX shoot kit with some new items – namely … Read More

Wednesday 2nd Apr 2014

Whilst looking at methods to create trees and leaves I needed to swap out a single mesh for a number of new meshes to create more variation. I put together a very simple Maxscript to help me do this and … Read More

Sunday 21st Jul 2013

A really fun project directed by Tom and Mark.

Produced at Nexus Productions

My Role: VFX Supervisor and some pipeline setup and planning.… Read More

Monday 30th Apr 2012

Lightplot is a robotic 3D light painting system. Animation is exported from 3DS Max, and imported into the Lightplot software which then drives a robotic arm to draw the models in the air. The software also controls a DSLR camera … Read More

Saturday 21st Jan 2012

Directed by Fx and Mat

Produced at Nexus Productions

My role: CG Supervisor… Read More

Wednesday 17th Nov 2010

Directed by Woof Wan Bau,

Produced by Nexus Productions,

I produced the animatic and was VFX supervisor for this project.… Read More


Wednesday 17th Nov 2010

Directed by Fx and Mat,

Produced at Nexus Productions,

I was VFX Supervisor for this project.

TNT_WK_lRead More

Tuesday 17th Nov 2009

Directed by Smith & Foulkes,

Produced at Nexus Productions,

I was CG Supervisor for this project. It was a huge production requiring significant pipeline and IT upgrades before production, I’ve written a making of which can be found here.… Read More

Tuesday 17th Nov 2009

Directed by Smith & Foulkes,

Produced at Nexus Productions,

CG Supervisor for the entire project, including VFX shoot supervision.… Read More

Wednesday 17th Jun 2009

Directed by Smith & Foulkes,
Produced at Nexus Productions,

See also “Google Maps

I was CG Supervisor for both these projects.… Read More