Monday 26th Feb 2018

I’m currently working on this project at Double Negative Mumbai.

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Wednesday 19th Apr 2017

New Justice League Trailer and teaser are up. This is what I’ve been up to this past 8 months.

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Saturday 23rd Jul 2016

starTrekPosterAfter 15 years working in commercials I’ve embarked on a new adventure in the world of film visual effects. My first gig has been as at Double Negative working as a Generalist / Lighting Artist on Star Trek Beyond.… Read More

Tuesday 29th Sep 2015

The project that I was working on at Nexus Productions earlier this year has finally been released. No Vimeo link yet unfortunately but there’s so much in there it’s worth choosing 1080p on the YouTube link.

I led the animatic … Read More

Monday 28th Sep 2015

Nexus just posted a making of video for the Coke Buildings commercial.… Read More

Friday 31st Jul 2015

Years ago I got into the habit of listening to The World Service or Radio 4 while I fell asleep. Twenty years later I find I can’t sleep without listening to something, these days usually incredibly dull technology podcasts that … Read More

Tuesday 28th Jul 2015

Since I started using max I’ve always found procedural maps to be powerful but frustrating to edit. This is mostly due to the way the material sample is related to the actual scene scale, something that I thought was set … Read More

Wednesday 25th Jun 2014

A new showreel ! .. I’m available for work from July 2014 onwards.… Read More

Wednesday 28th May 2014

Very happy to be able to share this – it was an absolute joy to work on.

I was the CG / VFX Supervisor – starting out by blocking the animatic with the directors. I then worked with the model … Read More

Saturday 26th Apr 2014

I recently wrote about using the DSLR Controller app to control my DSLR Camera for photography and HDR capture. A setup that is working out brilliantly, so well in fact that I wanted a way to mount my phone … Read More

Tuesday 22nd Apr 2014

After years of dragging VFX equipment around in various backpacks and suitcases I’ve invested in a Pelicase. It doesn’t matter how old you are, the box is still always the most enthralling aspect of any toy.

VFX kit 01

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Saturday 19th Apr 2014

Capturing HDR lighting spheres onset means being as quick and accurate as possible.

In the past I’ve used a shutter release cable and then adjusting the shutter speed by hand – which works ok – but you’re in danger of … Read More

Thursday 10th Apr 2014

Nodal Ninja mount

A recent project required a miniatures shoot. There were going to be CG elements integrated into the backgrounds and so I needed to capture lighting information.

The usual technique of using a Nodal Ninja mounted on a tripod wouldn’t work … Read More

Saturday 5th Apr 2014

Finished tracking markers

Happiness is borne of accepting your frailties. One of my weaknesses is an obsession with being prepared with the right tools for the job.

In this spirit I’ve been updating my VFX shoot kit with some new items – namely … Read More

Wednesday 2nd Apr 2014

Whilst looking at methods to create trees and leaves I needed to swap out a single mesh for a number of new meshes to create more variation. I put together a very simple Maxscript to help me do this and … Read More

Wednesday 2nd Apr 2014


I worked up a process for creating trees in 3DS Max and Mudbox for a class I’ve been teaching recently. I decided to put it all together as an online tutorial. I still think the leaves and greenery needs work, … Read More

Tuesday 11th Feb 2014

I’m currently doing some teaching on the NFTS Games Design course. I’ve been collecting together some resources that would be helpful to students starting out the learn 3DS Max.

These links are a great start:

100 3DS Max tips – … Read More

Tuesday 24th Sep 2013


Phidgets are holding a competition to win $1000 worth of credit in their store. This equals a ton of Phidgets boards !

I’ve entered Lightplot and I’d be most grateful if you could vote for me by ‘liking’ this post Read More

Sunday 22nd Sep 2013


There’s a couple of faces missing but this is the team at Prime Focus Khar studio.

Unfortunately after 18 months it’s time to return from India back to the UK. Whilst it was no small challenge acclimatising to the pace … Read More

Sunday 22nd Sep 2013


A major part of my site redesign rested on getting all of my photographs online. I took nearly 1,000 images from my flickr account and 300 from my old photoblog and brought them together in a new shiny home. This … Read More

Sunday 22nd Sep 2013

I’ve been making some baby steps using github. One issue I’ve faced is what’s the best way to push projects that have sensitive data such as usernames, passwords and API keys inside.

I found a post on stack exchange which … Read More

Sunday 15th Sep 2013

Welcome to my new home on the web. After 13 years at rethinkfx.com I’ve shifted over to bct.me and had a bit of a spruce up while I’m at it. Hopefully all the content from rethinkfx has been moved over … Read More

Monday 2nd Sep 2013

Since starting to use OS X I’ve hit many obstacles in getting my Python environment set up correctly. I’ve been setting up a couple of libraries and had read various posts from people recommending macports over homebrew as a package … Read More

Saturday 17th Aug 2013


For nearly 27 years I’ve owned a PC that ran under a Microsoft OS. Starting in 1987 with an Amstrad 1512 through to a more recent love affair with IBM Thinkpads.

But as the time came around to buy a … Read More